Poccet Checc

by Badtripp

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Poccet Checc has the relevant futuristic G-Funk sound with heavy wordplay contribution from Badtripp and his featured artists plus 20 back to back bangin tracks.


released December 12, 2012

Production by Badtripp, Docc Free and Forte.
Featured artists: BIG SONO, Enois Scroggins, Baby S, Ten Terintino, Bucc Rodgers, Moosaline and Forte.



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Badtripp Denver, Colorado

David Jermaine Fisher was born March 30, 1977 in Denver,CO. His love for music began watching his Mother and Father record music together. His Mother would sing while his Father would play the Hammond B3 Organ. David's instrument was of choice was percussion. As a Drummer for over decade, making beats came easy for David. ... more

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Track Name: Tha Poccet Checc
Here I go again nother classic rap, and when I get mine I'ma pass it bacc, I got let it shine. Strike a match to that, and watch ya homie blow, I'ma flammable cat. Team savage thats how animals act. a beast in the streets a real class act. haterism we way pass that. Where I'm from today blass bac. Runnin around town on my glass pacc 65 chevy givin flashbacks. money kinda funny hope my cash stacc. Whip game plaqured like a hazmat. insane bacc up in a jazz band, crip bigger than Alaskan, new friends show up when cash came, new benz nothin in my last name.

m'a always git the last licc, music like this rated class sicc, I ain't gon quit til I'm past sicc tombstone bricc and casket. Luke warm fella he's a has been, don't mess wit em wit a passion... like a asprin he really don't work unless he fastin. Yo silly ol smirk'll gitcha aah kicced, you'll never see me sportin somethin plastic, Who ever wanna see me homie flash then , forever you'll be focused on the past tense, I'd rather walk away but you askin, I'm bout a blocc away from the cash give bacc the love ain't tryna see the doctor yet, But when I do go it's a Poccet Checc.
Track Name: Knocc It Off
From Colorado G banging in snow, Montbello Crip let you niggaz know. Nigga ya'll was practice on my birthday ball so hard march madness. Aint nothin left but fragments burner out the trenchcoat inspector gadgets me and her we some blessin magnets, RoccetScience in this betch we fucc wit NASA... and next time you hate niggas is shootin for the face like 8ight Tha Sk8. No need for no great debate fucc talkin I dont wanna hear it I chop you in a lyric... and this was yo mistake thinkin that we equal you dont know me like my people. Dumb ass fuccas dont think we know we see right thru yo snake ass his ass is slow. Ya betch.

You better quit wit all that hatin shit I know a couple rydaz thats already hip. My niggaz comin from the hip put the whistle in ya face quit runnin ya lip. You comin against Badtripp homie is you stupid thats suicyde cupid. See that was me bein nice... My advise better sleep wit a knife. You bout as fake as a knocc off watch for petes sakes knocc it off the game changed homie you aint changed wit it, this aint 1996 git wid it. But dont go changin up 46 blocc niggaz stay gangsta'd up. The rap game different, the dope game different and I dont even know why I'm talkin to this nigga.

Next time no lyrics for the fake, my thug nature always tell me never hate. Regaurdless if they hatin first, I dont lower myself and hate a nigga verse. Fa me it's real nigga first this is how I think these's Fisher's never sink... My eyelids rarely blink, brush the dirt off my shoulder cause my ears to the street. Homie we more than hot, Frank told me next time no warning shots. Don't holla at me unless you tryin spend, Fucc squabin wit the hands tryna win. To my homies from the Bellz what's good? What make a nigga wanna say fucc the hood. That's a no no comin where I'm from glad the nigga split faggot kindna shit
Track Name: Fire feat Forte
Sittin in my smoke in my room 3 in the mornin. Separated from the hood stress need an anullment. I need some atonement. I dont really even puff aint smoke weed in a moment. My lil mama she a pro nigga, she love ya Badtripp she aint no gold digga. She put the fire to the green leaf, my desire be admired bout to chief.. I swear niggaz they be lyin thru they teeth. them square niggaz they decide to rest in peace_I aint never scared now I know they well aware. I be smokin in the mirror I be actin hella weird... I aint trippin this me tho. We got plenty mo just spent a C Note. We puffin on the kush that we call O.G. I told baby don't waste no weed on me.

I over did it, it's been a minute, already lit it, gone and hit it, I'm way gone but I'm wit it, the way i feel is dead wrong feelin like a spirit. I got my people om the line but I aint tryna talk man I'm just too high. And I aint even hidin shit. I'm the one supplyin it, high grade shit keep em comin bacc and buyin it.

Yeah we laughin at you silly hoes, we seen yo promo funny home videos. GFunk thats what really goes. Skinny jeans first next thang pannyhoes. I even know what they be smokin on. Lookin at them muphuccin dummies what the fucc is wrong. I be lookin like what is really goin on always keepthe G in it. Dope niggaz bringin it. I Got green wit no seeds in it, And it's smellin hella clean it's no amphetamine. My pipe same shape as a 9 milla we call it herb nigga, I aint a drug dealer. You smokin bud wit a thug nigga I don't want arabian but gimme all the alien.my turn homie yep it's on me again, I'm bout shoot to the spot where they can feed a man.
Track Name: Space Invader
I'm nigga like Sly Stone I go to all my venues fucced up. You niggaz all spit garbage I'm the dump trucc. While you sittin bacc callin me a dumb fucc, how I got to the top wasn't dumb lucc. I'm too pricey, free my nigga Young Buck, my life crazy, nothin seems to sum up. Always on the come up, try it homie run up. We know u bout cha money man sun down to sun up. I'm where I wanna be hood taught me lotta game, easy target lil niggaz wanna piece of fame. My momma never knew about the nigga struggle in between a rocc and a hard place Barney Rubble. So I left hood haters didn't want me there, I'm thinkin bigger better shit like a millionare. Bangins cool if niggaz would of done it right. All I got was niggaz hatin every other night

Eversince I raised up, new wife, new crib, new life, new whip my game stay laced up. My feet never fail me, the haters always tell me. If you don't go bacc, then you won't blow bacc, ya crew won't grow bacc, but you don't know that. I'll be bacc up in the hood later, until then...

Nobody knows where I'm at, free from all the drama, Got my own bacc, no contact wit mama, nobody jaccin from me. nobody checcin fa me, I'm hibernatin wit a dime no alamony. Over here it's no crime just cermony, and we doin just fine, nobody know me. Space station, satellites, UFO chasin, Roccetscience, Space age pimpin 2013 slap a hoe into 2014. I'm 8 mile high kinda gone Cheddar Bob, drug dealer somebody that cha never rob... Run shit like a marathon, Badtripp blew up like Cherry Bomb. Tryna gitcha on the same level that I'm on. Dave Fisher won't ride witcha let alone.
Track Name: My Own Lucc
Hell nah nigga I done up and done it, Badtripp went and got his own hunid...Money talks how I run it and every nigga like me touch summit. Wasnt focused used to gun it, now everytime shoot them other niggaz plummit... You thought I was but i wasn't, the name is Badtripp still think I git blunted... No mercy betch got plenty want mo like a thirsty fish. Rap game I'ma lunatic now these muphuccas know who they foolin wit. You can play the lotto but you cant play me. From Colorado Montbello O.G. and dont be playin be wit my time aint lookin at you niggaz I'm signed, fucc wit me.

Nigga I aint playin when i said i keep it G Homie I mean bangin *repeat* I need payment, better holla at my people if you plan on brangin it... Cause I be on that dope shit, I met alot niggaz still on that ho shit... It never be like the old days sangin bout bacc stabas like the O'Jays... Gangbangin the shits real, & most times the wrong person'll git killed. Aint no brangin em bacc, they go and cop couple blammas AK and Mac, switch blade in the bacc, Tripp layin em flat, this game is a wrap, hits made me a plaque... This maybe a trap but if you know me like I know me...

I mean bizness, this rap game homie it be so relentless but rap chose me cause rap knows heat and rap know it trust a muphucca like me. As far as i can see I'm the last man standin blue or blacc bandana... Who is that grand slamma, it's me nigga put ya lights on Santana. Burnt up see me risin from the ashes, now I'm turnt up CD's lyin in the plastic... you wanna hate fantastic now I see em baccin off, played niggaz waccin off... I'm gittin paid never slaccin off. They say lyrics spray as I'm gittin off... It's a privliage to fucc wit me, Badtripp charm a snake out a tree.
Track Name: Nu Hustle feat Enois Scroggins
So glad to know you but many times I seen you wasnt bein loyal... And i was only tryin to show you plus you be actin like the whole world owe you. We all got problems homie yours aint special Regaurdless how you feel God use me as a vessel. Now I gotta new hustle... double every dolla that I rustle. Holla atcha muscle... My impala sittin nuzzled in the winters how we do it here cuzzo... New whistle no muzzle I like how she bang we might have a thang... fuccin right I'm in the gang. Have niggaz duccin for they life aint a thang. We used to it democratics aint perccin, so go tell all the addicts that I'm workin

You got me twisted hair braided french, Like the eye in the sky air raid a snitch, I got them altoid peppermints, and the feds tell me ataboy gettin rich. Sittin alloy 26 same size as some mountain bike chrome kiccs, I always hustle on my own got the stone briccs, never trust em built wall around my heart betch... We peel the law around these parts betch. You should know to stay inside after darkness. The hustle is a hard game to part with, i bust em tryin to watch me from the park bench... my money it don't wanna fold, ghetto report card ya homies on the honor roll. federal courtyard ya homie he dont wanna go. We never abort dawg whatever what up ya'll.