All In Favor prod by D​.​A​.​C. beats

by Badtripp

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All In Favor song title will be released on the upcoming album "Phone Checc". Badtripp chose Phone Checc as the album title because some of the album was recorded on a cell phone.


Played myself so I prayed about it, I'm fully perfect so I can see why you complain it/ hope the Lord God bless me wit a house before I bounce , told my ex's fucc you and couch/ yeah drankin brew 40 ounce thankin never should've got tattoo of my spouse/ yup that too bang blue like a grouch deep poccets capn kangaroo heater in pouch/ wife beater on the prowl, I don't need her so I'm out/ but I did git the cash milk the hefer like a cow/ It's whatever kill me now, Mr Clever see you round shit I ain't scared of shit or the scowl on ya brow/ from gal after gal never found one loyal/ treat a bitch like a bitch I ain't got nothing for you/ get money and that's something we can all agree, fucc a bitch in every pedigree,

I could've been menace, I could've been a thug, I could've been a drug dealer that and the above, I could've been a heathen, have ya whole family grievin', Thank God that I'm not, you would not be breathin'.

I was bitter in the past now I'm not, City of Denver got my bacc a like cot/ I still remember, it ain't like I forgot, 20 deep banged out On Tha Blocc/ plenty heat rang out at the park, I'm the shooter, no cooter stay clean after dark/ mad cash so I call it mean green play the part,/ these ho's chop mo wood than Martial Art/ fa them it's no love like an artificial heart, I been loced up bacc when initial start/ I wish I had a nickel fa every time I said I, sky roccet cause my narcissism level peak pretty high, home town I rep Montbello till I die say I won't have ya face lookin like Vanilla Sky/ I stay dope as fucc regardless if live or die, homie buggin out mo than one way to kill a fly,/


released July 1, 2015
Production by D.A.C. beats



all rights reserved


Badtripp Denver, Colorado

David Jermaine Fisher was born March 30, 1977 in Denver,CO. His love for music began watching his Mother and Father record music together. His Mother would sing while his Father would play the Hammond B3 Organ. David's instrument was of choice was percussion. As a Drummer for over decade, making beats came easy for David. ... more

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